Andrew Eugene Dolphin
1151 E Hermans Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85756 USA
phone: (520) 665-5989


Date and Place of Birth:
June 30, 1972, Bremerton, Washington

Ph.D., Astronomy, University of Washington, June 1999.
M.M., Choral Conducting, University of Washington, June 1999.
M.S., Astronomy, University of Washington, August 1994.
B.S., Physics, high distinction, Harvey Mudd College, 1993.

Postdoctoral Research Associate, National Optical Astronomical Observatories, Tucson, AZ (1999-2003)
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Arizona (2003-2006)
Principal Systems Engineer, Raytheon Company (2006-)

Selected Publications

"On the Estimation of Systematic Uncertainties of Star Formation Histories." Dolphin, A.E., ApJ, 751, 60

"How Typical Are the Local Group Dwarf Galaxies?." Weisz, D.R. et al., ApJ, 743, 8

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"A New Method to Determine Star Formation Histories of Nearby Galaxies." Dolphin, Andrew 1997, NewA, 2, 397

Selected non-refereed publications (out of date)

"Star Formation Histories of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies (Invited review)." Dolphin, A.E., Weisz, D. R., Skillman, E. D., & Holtzman, J. A. 2005, in "Resolved Stellar Populations," eds. D. Valls-Gabaud & M. Chavez, ASPCS in press

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"Numerical Techniques and Histories of Galactic dSph Companions." Dolphin, A.E. 2001, in "Observed HR diagrams and stellar evolution: the interplay between observational constraints and theory," eds. T. Lejeune & J. Fernandes, ASPCS 274, p. 450

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